My Ever Top Adsense Earning on August 2012, What is the Lesson?


Okay, this is an interesting post about blog earnings. I should have published this much earlier since this is related to August earning.  I have achieved my ever highest monthly Google AdSense earning on August 2012. I’m happy to share some of the facts about it with you. Google AdSense is still my main income […]

Big Difference in November Adsense Earning and Finalized Earning, What Could be the Issue?

finalayzed earning

This incident is another strong reason, why I’m not ready to change my profession as full time blogger. You could remember that I posted $1381.98 as adsense earning in November 2011 blog income report, but that was not the amount Google finalized to make the payment. Usually, every month earning will be finalized with marginally […]