My Progress in Recovering From Panda 4.1 Hit [Case Study]


The Panda is famous for it’s hunt. When Google rolled out their latest Panda 4.1 update somewhere in 20th September 2014, one of my blog became the victim of it. In my last 5 years blogging life, this is the first time I faced the real affect and felt the pain. I immediately started working […]

October 2014 Blog Income Report, Heating Up at End of the Year

march 2012 blog income icon

October, November and December are always a nice period for bloggers and online money makers since usually Q4 yields more income than other months in a year. I experienced the same hike during this time, it is not only due to Q4, but also by a sudden traffic increase on one of my blog.  Also […]

How to Find Competition on a Keyword For Free For Your Next Post


When it comes to finalize the keyword we need to target in next article, we always get confused with doubts. In my opinion,writing an article by keeping a keyword in mind will always help in getting more search engine traffic and Google Adsense earnings. In this post let me show a simple and free way […]

June 2014 Blog Income Report, Where Am I Heading?


I just decided to publish my June 2014 blog income report. It’s been a long time  since I published my blog income report. As I claimed earlier that I’m working towards an income goal for this year, I’m preparing the base for it and expanding my blog network. You will be seeing the frequent update […]

What Are the Advantages of Buying an Old or Expired Domain/Blog


Recently I have purchased two domains as part of expanding my blog network and achieving this year’s goal. By the way, what’s my this year goal? by end of 2014 the monthly blog income should be $5000. I’m sure I can achieve it and currently I’m working towards it. It’s not a simple task for […]

Improved Google Adsense Support, Thanks to Them


I’m a Google Adsense publisher from 2008 and it’s one of my main income source. The major issue most of the publishers used to face in earlier time was support. We did not have proper support, we did not know the email address to contact or where to report or ask our issues and were […]

What I Learned from My New Blog? Blogging Tips For You


If you guys remember I started a new blog back in November 2013 about Google Nexus tablet. My aim was to make a little amount of stable income with less work. In this post let me share how is it doing currently and how much I have earned so far from it. I’m sure below […]